No-Nonsense Book Reviews

no-nonsense book reviews

They’re called No-Nonsense Book Reviews because they’re short, concise, and get right to answering the most important question–should I get this book? These are book reviews for people who would rather read books instead of book reviews.

Here’s exactly what you’ll see in every Punny Money No-Nonsense Book Review:

  • Short Attention Span Summary. In 25 words or less, I’ll tell you what’s in the book and who, if anyone, should pick up a copy.
  • What’s in the book? Quick, straight facts on the content of the book.
  • The best part of this book… is self-explanatory. Maybe there’s a chapter or a memorable anecdote that really stands out. I’ll pick it out and mention it here.
  • People who need to read the book. If there’s a particular subset of people whose lives will be changed by this book, I’ll come out and say it here.
  • People who may want to read the book. The book might not be life-changing for everyone, but some people may still enjoy reading it and take something away from it.
  • How did this book help me? I’m an ordinary person like you, so there’s no better way to show the usefulness of a book than by stating how it’s helped improve my life.
  • Is this book worth buying? There’s a reason I own few books: just about anything I need to know can be found on the internet for free. I would argue that practically every personal finance subject has been exhaustively covered already and can be found online with a quick visit to a search engine. That said, books often present such information in an easier-to-read, more enjoyable format. This section answers a few key questions:
    • Is there unique information in this book you can’t find anywhere else?
    • Can you find the majority of the information in this book online with little effort?
    • Is there a different book I would recommend in place of this one?

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