Friday, May 12, 2006

Your Next Car Will Be A Scooter

Author: Nick
Category: Money

fill me up with your scooty goodness

At least that would be the case if 28-year-old software engineer Daniel Fry had anything to say about it. Fry, along with hundreds of other commuters in the New York area who were growing tired of feeding their gas tanks better than themselves, turned to scooters as an extreme alternative to the SUV to help them get to work and back each day.

While most scooters only hold about two gallons of gas, those two gallons are usually enough to get a scooter 100-200 miles from its point of fill-up. The extra savings has meant that scooter enthusiasts can organize scooter-commuter convoys on weekdays while saving enough money for longer field trips on weekends.

“We are trying to combine fun and fuel economy and three-dollar gas is helping,” says one scooter fan.

I’ve given some consideration to purchasing a scooter myself, especially given my one-mile work commute and the close proximity of most of the places I go. Hmm, maybe I’ll add the Vespa Granturismo to my Christmas list.

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