Friday, July 21, 2006

You Want to Read These Three Articles Right Now

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you will FALL for these articles hahaha

A trio of terrific tarticles–er, articles–caught my eye in the last 24 hours, and I think all of you would enjoy reading them if you haven’t done so already. And if you have read them, read them again or you won’t get any ice cream for dessert.

jim at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity is looking for a little e-vigilante justice. According to jim, Carl Grossman of Joplin, MO ran a scam to steal $150 from him. But instead of all of us hopping on a plane to Joplin to teach Carl a lesson, we’ll simply use the power of the internet to do the trick. Please join the posse and link to jim’s article making sure to include “Carl Grossman,” “scam,” and “steal” in your link’s text. This way, search engines will associate those words with that post and future potential customers of Carl Grossman can simply do a quick Google to find the truth about him.

On a more positive note (but not by much!), Claire at Tired but happy is making me wish we could afford our dream home when all we can manage is a “starter” home. Claire’s story sounds all too familiar to the situation my wife and I now face: finding a small but nice home in an overpriced area knowing that we’ll probably only stay there for a few years. Be sure to read the full story and see if you’re in the same starter boat.

And finally, Jonathan wins the highly-coveted and just-invented Punny Money Guy (or Girl) Who Made Me $20 I Didn’t Have Yesterday Award for pointing me to the eBay Unwired Buyer service. In short, simply bid on something super cheap using this free service, and you’ll get $20 whether you win or lose the auction. Go to MyMoneyBlog for all the details, and you’d be smart to ask for a referral from Jonathan because he’ll point you to some ultra-cheap auctions that’ll make it easy to get the $20 bonus at almost no cost.

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