Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Writing A Complaint Letter to a "Seed"y Company

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tomato Last weekend, my wife and I planted a few food-bearing plants on our patio. We decided to start with just seeds in pots of dirt to see if we have green thumbs or if we’re just kidding ourselves.

We had no trouble planting the seeds for radishes, chives, and basil, but when we opened the package of tomato seeds, we noticed something rather odd: them tomater seeds done gone missin’ on us! I figured I might have opened the package incorrectly and the seeds spilled somewhere on the patio, but we didn’t see anything. It even occurred to me that I hadn’t recalled hearing the tomato seed package rattle like the others had.

So it looks like the folks at American Seed robbed us of our seed money… all ten cents of it. Yup, the little packages had just enough seeds for container planting, so they only set us back a dime each. Still, I had spent ten cents on a purchase and received nothing but an empty pouch for my troubles. And I was really looking forward to homemade tomato and cheese sandwiches. (Yes, with store-bought bread and cheese, but with the tomatoes of my blood and sweat!)

I’m left with a few options, none of which seems particularly satisfying…

  1. Forget about the tomato seeds. I probably won’t do this. Even though we’re talking just ten cents, it’s the principle. (I’ve been ending way too many conversations with “it’s the principle” lately. Maybe I should stop being so principled.)
  2. Go back to the store. The main problem here is that the store isn’t nearby and we usually go there only once a month. Making a separate trip just for this would be the most expensive proposition, what with gas prices being $2.79 $3.09 $8.43 Gas station, stop changing the price for thirty seconds, will ya?
  3. Write a letter of complaint directly to the company. I’ll likely end up writing a letter to American Seed and ask for my money back or, even better, for replacement seeds. While it would cost 39 cents plus a few cents worth of paper and envelope just to request a refund or replacement worth a dime, I’ll feel good about myself for not letting a company get away with selling me a defective product.

So what would you do? Write off the loss and buy more seeds? Threaten to take your ten-cent seed purchases elsewhere? Or just hide inside for the summer so the bees don’t get you?

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