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The Biggest Punny Articles of 2007, And Thanks to the Year’s Top Traffic Referrers!

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This past year was a phenomenal year for Punny Money. Despite the fact that I only wrote three articles with any useful information in them, Punny Money received over 180 billion unique visitors in 2007 and is now read daily in more than 8,000 countries. [Editor’s Note: It turns out I accidentally added six zeros too many to those figures. It was really only 180,000 visitors, and Punny Money is read in 0.008 countries. My apologies.]

I’d like to thank all of you who read Punny Money daily or whenever I got off my butt to actually write an article, and I promise everyone that there will be a lot more financial news you couldn’t possibly use in 2008. I’d also like to thank those fellow personal finance writers out there who linked to various articles on Punny Money, especially those who sent massive numbers of internet people this way. Here are the biggest Punny Money referrers of 2007*, in order of visitor-sendingosity:

*Excludes sites with a bounce rate of 80% or more, indicating stoned teenagers searching the internet for shiny objects.

  1. Grad Money Matters – Back in August, Grad Money Matters wrote an article entitled What I Do to Live Frugally that got picked up by virtually every social bookmarking website on the internet. It pointed to my buffet article, so I ended up getting lots of visitors too. Sadly, the author of Grad Money Matters hasn’t written anything in over a month. Come back and link to me again soon, ya hear?
  2. My Money Blog – If you aren’t reading My Money Blog, then you should probably start. You’ll find more genuinely useful and practical information there than on any other personal finance blog on the internet. A lot of personal finance writers like to write about ponies and rainbows, but My Money Blog gives you the coupon codes to save 10% off your next purchase at
  3. Clever Dude – Back in the day, Clever Dude wrote many a useful personal finance article. Now he writes about his new favorite topics: videogames and liquor. Perhaps that’s why you all read him more than me. But that’s fine, as long as he keeps sending me a few of you guys.
  4. Get Rich Slowly – Other than The Simple Dollar, Get Rich Slowly is the biggest personal finance blog there is. But unlike The Simple Dollar, who writes mostly book reviews and philosophical thoughts about money, Get Rich Slowly writes more practical stuff like advice for buying your first home and interesting tricks you can do with gift cards.
  5. Stop Buying Crap – I’m sad to see that Stop Buying Crap seems to have stopped writing crap lately too. If there’s one website out there that inspired me to start writing Punny Money, it’s this one. Come back, Cap!
  6. Money, Matter, and More Musings – Golbguru started writing about personal finance at the exact same time I did. Money, Matter, and More Musings has 8 jillion readers. Punny Money has 900 or so. Perhaps it’s because Money, Matter, and More Musings is alphabetically before Punny Money. Yeah, we’ll just assume it’s that.
  7. Five Cent Nickel – Nickel and the next two guys are the big members of the Money Blog Network. Together, they write 80 thousand posts a year. For once, I am not making up that number; I am making an educated guess. Go read their stuff, then come back here since they obviously link to me quite a lot.
  8. Free Money Finance – By far the most prolific personal finance writer in the world. In June, he finished writing about the very last topic in personal finance, so he started again from the beginning. Amazing. Free Money Finance gives all of his website’s revenue to charity. I use my revenue to eat at buffets. Seriously, I think I’ll stop writing now and just redirect all of my visitors to Free Money Finance.
  9. Blueprint for Financial Prosperity – I have a lot in common with jim from Blueprint. We both live in Maryland. We both own a home. And we’re both Asian, except he’s Asian by birth, and I just watched so much Japanese anime that I became one somehow. Go visit him now and tease him because his website name doesn’t match his domain name.
  10. Bank Deals – I read no other personal finance blog more religiously than I do Bank Deals. Thanks to Bank Deals, my money in savings is making more money than I do. Yes, lazy paper money has a higher salary than a real person. If you are looking for the best savings account or CD rate for your money, you go here. No, you don’t go somewhere else. You go to Bank Deals. Hey! What did I just say? WHAT DID I JUST SAY??? Go to Bank Deals.

Now here’s a look at the most visited articles of 2007 on Punny Money, in case you missed any of them the first time around. If you memorize them all word for word, I’ll give you a shiny penny.

  1. Fight Thieving Restaurant Servers With Checksum Tips I never thought this article would take off like it did, but it accounted for fully one out of every 10 viewers Punny Money had in 2007.
  2. Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Dry Loop DSL This was a follow-up to the next article in this list, partly due to the success of that article.
  3. Verizon Lies About Dry Loop DSL Availability I wrote this article back in 2006 and it still pulled ’em in last year.
  4. Eat Your Money’s Worth At Any All-You-Can-Eat Buffet And here I was thinking that nobody else would be interested in my strategies for packing away the calories at buffets. Some trivia about this article: It was the sole inspiration for Clever Dude’s wife to start her own nutrition and healthy stuff blog because she wanted to help all the poor people I was leading to an early grave.
  5. Ten Ways Anyone Can Go to College With Zero Student Loans This is another older article that keeps pulling in the visitors—poor college kids who don’t want to get buried in an avalanche of debt that will take 20+ years to pay back.
  6. How to Get Paid to Go to College It wasn’t enough for people to go to college without having to borrow money. Now they want to get paid for it. I happily obliged with this article based on my own personal experiences.
  7. No Fax Machine? Send Faxes Online Cheap or Free! Yet another older article that still brings in the cheapskates. Hmm… I’m seeing a trend here.
  8. Borders Bookstore 30% Off Coupon, Expires November 5th Yes, the coupon expired on November 5th… of 2006! I should either update this article, sell books from it, or just kill it altogether. That is, unless someone out there has a hobby collecting expired internet coupon codes.
  9. Five Fabulous-Paying Jobs Anyone Can Do—Except They’re Totally Illegal I get it. I get it. You want the six-figure salary, and you don’t care who you have to kill to get it. *sniff* I’m so proud of you guys.
  10. The 9-Volt Battery Conspiracy Rounding out the list is my exposé of the battery conglomerate’s attempts to extort millions of dollars out of you with smoke detectors that only take super-expensive 9-volt batteries.

Oh, and I’m taking requests for topics people want me to write about in 2008. Do you want to see more investing talk here? Or perhaps you’d like some insight into the housing market. Or maybe you just want me to write about hookers every article. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think. Thanks again for a wonderful year, everyone!

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