Monday, July 24, 2006

Super Stock Pick Tournament Round Four Results

Author: Nick
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super stock pick tournament round four results

This tournament is starting to look like a golf match where everyone finishes over par. Seriously, would some of you teams start earning me some fake money already??? I mean, I’m gonna have to pawn the championship cup just to finish even here!

super stock pick tournament round four results

A picture is worth a thousand words here, folks; but allow me to sum up the results of Round Four anyway. The Local Stocks turned out to be no match for My Picks; while both teams finished down, mine only dropped 3.72% versus the local guys’ fall of 5.20%. In the week’s other matchup, Internet Slang continued its total domination of the entire universe by finishing up over 8% and kicking the Vowels (down over 10%) out of the contest.

So this week marks the Championship Round of the Punny Money Super Stock Pick Tournament. It’s been a roller coaster of financial emotions. Dreams have been shattered; hopes, destroyed; cliches, overused. But it all comes down to this. Can a group of seemingly random stock picks beat out my hand-selected, semi-intelligent choices? Let’s take a look at the two remaining teams that will vie for the tournament crown this week.

Nick’s Picks, five stocks chosen semi-intelligently by yours truly, certainly aren’t the best team in the tournament. Had you invested $1,000 in this team at the start of Week One, you’d have lost about $40 by now. Only two of the five stocks are in positive territory for the last four weeks: HSBC Holdings PLC (HBC) and Celera Genomics, Applera Corp (CRA). It looks like my picks have only gotten this far thanks to a little luck that has landed them some unlucky competitors.

Internet Slang, five stocks chosen because their ticker symbol is a commonly used internet slang abbreviation, would have made you $50 by now with that same $1,000 investment. It has performed the best in the last four weeks out of all 32 teams originally in the tournament. All five stocks are still in positive territory, though more than half of the team’s success can be attributed to OM Group Inc. (OMG).

Even considering the superb performance of the Internet Slang team, it’s still anybody’s game as each week of the tournament starts the numbers fresh. Will Internet Slang continue to dominate and crush my picks without mercy, or can Nick’s Picks come from behind and score a victory for non-randomness? I’ll announce the results at the end of the week, so be sure to stop by and laugh at me if I lose!

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