Thursday, September 13, 2007

Stuff Worth Reading, Because This Website Is Being Repossessed

Author: Nick
Category: Money

repo van - we take your stuff and laugh at you

Some hoodlums from a debt collection company just showed up to repossess Punny Money. They are currently printing it out page by page and loading it onto their big white truck. Looks like this is the end folks. Unless… A Penny Closer comes to my rescue with tips on disputing collection errors. I’m saved! Yippee!

Here’s some other great stuff to read while I’m fighting off the repo men with a giant stick.

  1. Like me, Cash Money Life has a closet full of baseball cards and ponders whether selling them is the right thing. Unlike Cash Money Life, I also have a closet full of baseball players. Hey, Ken Griffey Jr., get back in your box!
  2. Check out Lazy Man and Money for some great ideas for saving money on hobbies. My favorite inexpensive hobby: sitting in a lonely, quiet corner repressing painful childhood memories. Fun times!
  3. Little known fact: the United States Postal Service uses sharks and alligators to sort your mail, something Money, Matter, and More Musings found out the hard way. Just another reason why the postal service is the #1 company we’d be better off without.
  4. My Two Dollars has the best tip I’ve ever seen for not spending money on food. Indeed, watching Oprah will make you never want to eat again.
  5. Even irregular income makers can budget, says No Credit Needed. Sadly, people with irregular bowels cannot budget.
  6. The Frugal Law Student claims you don’t need to change your car’s oil every 3,000 miles. You should also not change your turn signal every 3,000 feet to annoy the people behind you. Yes, I’m talking to you, green Honda Civic on I-270 this morning.

I managed to chase away the repo men, but not before they took possession of my baseball player collection. Looks like I’ll be running the bases alone tonight.

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