Friday, November 16, 2007

Stuff Worth Reading, Because "Lazy" Is the New "Active"

Author: Nick
Category: Money

talk to the paw, because the dog aint listening

As cold weather grips the nation in its cold, weathery grip, it’s time for another trip around the internet for some more fabulous personal finance advice that I didn’t write. But do you feel that? That… thick feeling in the air, sort of like molasses on a sloth. Yup, the Winter Blues have infected some of your favorite money minds and turned them into lazy puddles of goo. Let’s check out some of its victims and see if there’s anything we can do to give them a jump-start.

  1. The Blues’s first victim: A Penny Closer who ponders which jobs her family should do themselves and which should be outsourced to professionals. Not DIYing your sprinkler system? Lazy!
  2. Aww, Cash Money Life never had a chance. First he says you should buy a used car and then he goes out and buys himself a new one. That’s like telling people to buy a cheap pink turtle and then splurging on the pricey green ones.
  3. Clever Dude dreams of one day winning the lottery, perhaps so he can become a full-time lazy person and pay gorgeous women to fan him and feed him grapes. Sorry Dude, but simple math says you’ll probably have to settle for ceiling fans and your wife’s cooking forever.
  4. It seems the Blues’s victims aren’t limited to personal finance writers, as Advanced Personal Finance shows us—a lazy U.S. government could delay your tax refund next year.
  5. I’ve Paid For This Twice Already fights off the Blues by hopping in the car for a leisurely and frugal drive. Gas may cost you your first-born, but it’s still cheaper than a movie ticket!
  6. The Digerati Life helps you fight the laziness of easy loans that can cause you trouble later. Perhaps Digerati and Paid Twice can form a superhero team to fight the Winter Blues together. Somebody get them some tight spandex costumes on the double!
  7. And finally, we discover the source of all the laziness on the entire internet! Lazy Man and Money is the culprit, but he arranges a plea agreement by confessing to how money laziness got him into debt. Wait a minute… I’ve Paid For This Twice Already wrote the article!!! I bow before you, King of All Things Lazy.

Phew! I feel less lazy already. Well, I’m off to take a six-hour nap, but I’ll be back next week with more exciting personal finance articles you can use, like 10 Ways to Save Money on Your Kitten’s Lobotomy and Make a Fortune Selling Used Condoms to Circus Clowns.

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