Friday, August 17, 2007

Stuff Worth Reading, Because It’s Friday And You’re Probably Just As Bored As I Am

Author: Nick
Category: Money

these cakes are made out of cars, or something

I’ve been remiss in my shoutouts to all the other personal finance writers out there. Believe it or not, Punny Money is not the only personal finance website on the internet. Yes, it’s the best one, but it’s not the only one. That said, there’s still plenty of fairly awesome personal finance writing out there, so here are some of them that you’ll find is Stuff Worth Reading.

  1. If you’re stuck with a home that’s worth less than your mortgage balance, Advanced Personal Finance can tell you how to short sell a house.
  2. Looking to move up a step on the corporate staircase? So is Cash Money Life who explains how he plans to get promoted.
  3. Clever Dude wants to drive a car made out of cake. You better garage it or you’ll have Nick-sized bites missing from your bumper.
  4. According to Consumerism Commentary, realtors, actors, and bankers lead the list of jobs that get no respect. Fourth on the list: your job.
  5. is addicted to crack–I mean, caffeine. Good luck; it’s a hard habit to kick.
  6. Gather Little By Little offers seven awesome moving tips. My own personal tip: don’t fill cardboard moving boxes with gravy; it’s not as fun as you might think.
  7. Apparently you can learn a lot about investing from golf, according to Moolanomy. Bonus tip: smashing your golf club may alleviate frustration on the golf course, but it’ll get you arrested on Wall Street.
  8. Poorer Than You is addicted to crack. No, wait, she’s just talking to herself about her imaginary 401(k).
  9. Earning minimum wage? You suck! I mean, stop earning minimum wage courtesy of The Digerati Life.
  10. The Sun’s Financial Diary retells the FNBO Direct Saga. Find out why one bank said to Sun (and me!) “you are a terrorist because you’re unemployed, so we’re keeping your money.” Or something like that. No, I’m not unemployed.

Until next week, have your spouse spayed or neutered! (Maybe this is why I’m not the new host of The Price is Right.)

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