Friday, August 24, 2007

Stuff Worth Reading, Because It Beats Stripping Your Way Through College

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cap, gown, and g-string (not shown)

Holy crap, two Friday round-ups in a row. With three I get egg roll!

  1. Poorer Than You needs cash for tuition and is considering some alternative sources of educational financial aid. Not on Stephanie’s list but still an option for some: college girls make excellent strippers. Simply run that idea by your family and they might suddenly come up with some extra money for your tuition bill.
  2. Clever Dude laments the inaccuracy of CARFAX’s vehicle condition reports. I can testify to this as a CARFAX report on my previous car, a 1991 Nissan Sentra, stated that the prior owner was a 600-pound transvestite albino when, in fact, he was just pale.
  3. Advanced Personal Finance ponders the cost of prepaying a mortgage. At the moment, we do not currently pay extra towards our mortgage because our mortgage rate is equal to our savings account’s rate of 6.00%.
  4. Lots of people have money set aside for an emergency, but We’re in Debt suggests when to tap into those emergency funds. One addition: hotel room when the in-laws come to town (for you or for them).
  5. Do recent events on Wall Street have you franticly looking for somewhere more stable to stash your cash? The Sun’s Financial Diary tells you where to park your money in an uncertain market.
  6. Trent at The Simple Dollar eats banana bread, burritos, and muffins for breakfast, all in the same morning! Okay, maybe not in the same morning; but if you’re as hungry as I am now, Trent shares some recipes for his tasty breakfast meals.
  7. Grad Money Matters has a great write-up about living frugally. I think the most important item on the list is hanging out with frugal friends. Spending is contagious, so having cheapo buddies makes it easier to hold on to your money.
  8. The next time you need a passport photo, you can save money by taking your own, thanks to advice from The Finance Journey.
  9. Cash Money Life has some advice for potential franchise owners. I’ve always wanted to own a Cold Stone Creamery franchise; alas, I was stricken with a deadly sorbet allergy at a young age.
  10. Money, Matter, and More Musings asks why some couples see weddings as profit-making opportunities. I’ll admit that I did ponder the value of gifts given to us at our wedding. (My side gave “nicer” gifts; nyah-nyah.)

And from the Punny Money archives:

  • If the overwhelming cost of college has you passing out and waking up while choking on your own bile, consider these options for paying for college without needing student loans. Looks like you won’t need to strip your way through college after all!

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