Friday, October 5, 2007

Stuff Worth Reading, Because Haiku Is Much Cooler Than Personal Finance

Author: Nick
Category: Money

my wife will love me / for this cute luck cat picture / nick lucky tonight?

Anybody else watch Heroes? Isn’t that show awesome? In honor of all Japanese time-traveling geeks everywhere working to save humanity, this week’s personal finance roundup is in haiku form.

Use unemployment.
Advanced Personal Finance
Has some good advice.

Cheaper healthcare from
Gather Little By Little
Does a body good.

Buy fake art and fur
So you can be just like The
Digerati Life

Great Moleskine wallet
Made by Frugal Law Student.
Glue sticks taste great too.

Small-Cap fun done? at
Sun’s Financial Diary.
Lots of wavy charts.

Money and Values
Loves socially aware banks.
Your bank hates people.

Eight syllables in
Money, Matter, and More Musings.
Crap, just click this link.

Next week is All Ukrainian Week! Tune in when I post articles exclusively in a language you probably don’t understand and that I definitely don’t know how to write. УСЬОГО НАЙКРАЩОГО!

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