Friday, December 7, 2007

Stuff Worth Reading, Because Everything Tastes Better With Cheddar

Author: Nick
Category: Money

please do not go, i camembert it

Cheddar on crackers. Cheddar on popcorn. Cheddar on sausage. Cheddar on squirrel. You name it, it’s better with cheddar.

The only thing that doesn’t go well with cheddar is personal finance, but that’s probably because personal finance is an intangible quality and the cheddar would just slide right off. So really you’d just have personal finance over here, and a pile of cheddar on the floor. And that just ain’t right.

Since there’s already cheddar in this roundup, the only thing missing is personal finance. Let’s correct that heinous oversight with a quick look at some interesting though cheddar-free articles that made their appearance this week.

  1. It seems that some credit card issuers pulled a fast one on consumers traveling and/or purchasing abroad. Advanced Personal Finance fills us in on the details of getting a chunk of the resulting class action settlement.
  2. Being Frugal shares ideas on how to keep your kids from being greedy little punks this Christmas season without having to beat them senseless. (Note: I do not advocate beating children, except perhaps at Candy Land, which I still haven’t managed to do.)
  3. Financial Dominance reviews a list of legal documents you should have. I would also add “Instructions to give Punny Money all of my assets” to that list.
  4. Watch out for I’ve Paid For This Twice Already. She’ll gladly lend you her grocery savings card, but then she’ll keep your rewards for herself. Hmm, I wonder if someone could turn this into a full-time job…
  5. Lazy Man and Money is having major issues with’s job search. Perhaps he should try my method of finding a new job: ask a co-worker to sleep with your new potential boss. I am not kidding; this is how I got my current job. Of course, it helps if they’re already married to each other and wouldn’t mind doing that like in my case.
  6. Money, Matter, and More Musings defies conventional wisdom (and even gives the finger to unconventional wisdom) by saying that there’s no such thing as bad debt.
  7. Frank the Financially Savvy Atheist corrects a minor inaccuracy in my mortgage bailout rant by pointing out that many subprime mortgage rates are already ridiculously high.
  8. The Digerati Life satisfies your stoned teenager need to see shiny things this holiday season but without busting your budget.

That’s some very gouda stuff indeed. Oh man, now I bleu it with these cheese puns. Until next time, I swiss you all a happy weekend!

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