Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Punny Poll #9: Do You Value Time or Money More?

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is time worth more than money to you

In last week’s poll, I asked you to identify what sort of articles you enjoy reading the most on Punny Money. Nearly half of you suggested I stick with regular finance news while adding the trademark Punny humor to it, though another third seemed fairly fond of the crazy financial experiments I’ve been performing. A few others preferred my more controversial topics. And I think everyone associated “informative and educational” with “dull and boring,” so that choice received zero votes. So I’ll definitely keep up with the crazy finance experiments (hopefully I’ll have a new one ready for release later this week), but I’ll have to start throwing in my thoughts on financial news, too. Thanks for the advice, everyone!

As part of my grand coupon experiment, I’ve been picking up a copy of the Sunday paper every week. My family used to get the newspaper every Sunday when I was young, though the only parts I’d ever read (and still the only parts I read) are the comics and PARADE Magazine. Being the child genius that I was, I absolutely loved the column by the equally genius Marilyn vos Savant. Marilyn’s column last Sunday had this question from a reader:

Please settle an argument. My friend believes that if you take a single vitamin, you will be just a little healthier than if you never had taken one. Or if you park your car inside a garage only two or three times, its body will be in better condition than if you hadn’t, even if the difference is so small you can’t see it. His reasoning is that something is always better than nothing. I disagree. What do you think?

Marilyn sided with the author of that letter, claiming that anyone who pursues “lots of goals just a little” is probably spending more time and money on the effort than the tiny benefit is worth. This reminded me of one of my favorite posts, Putting a Hard Dollar Figure on Your Time, where I explained exactly how much I value my time. But as closely linked as time and money are, sometimes we have to choose between one or the other. Do we spend time clipping coupons to save money? Should we pay extra for early admission to a theme park?

This week’s poll has just two choices and asks a seemingly simple question:

Which do you value more: time or money?

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Put another way, if a magical fairy offered to give you extra time or extra money, which would you take? Sorry for no half-way responses this time, but I figured this would make for a more interesting poll.

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