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Punny Poll #29: When Will You File Your Taxes?

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paying someone to do your taxes is like paying someone to bulldoze all those annoying pennies that flooded your front yard

Last Punny Poll put your English skills to the test as you were asked to pronounce the word “Punny.” I’m certainly glad only 1% of you pronounce it the French way (POO-nay), and I’m happier still that only 4% say it PYOO-nee when there’s nothing small about the awesomeness of this website. But only 42% of you managed to correctly pronounce Punny as a word that rhymes with money, bunny, and chunny. What’s a “chunny?” you ask. You’re in no position to be questioning my word selection when you are statistically likely to be one of the 53% of people who said that Punny sounds like “SUI-SEI-SEKI.” Hopefully your math skills are better than your language abilities, because you’re going to need them for the subject of the next Punny Poll.

Now that we’re three weeks into 2008, you should be receiving most of the documentation from your employers, banks, and other sources needed to complete your Federal and state tax returns. But if you’re like most Americans, just because you can do your taxes now doesn’t mean you will. In fact, it definitely means you won’t.

Hopefully your procrastination is worth the price you’re paying. If you’re expecting a refund of $1,000 this year, you are giving away somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 cents in interest each day you wait to file. Of course, plenty of you will likely owe money this year, so your reasons for delaying your tax trauma may make slightly more sense.

This year, I plan to have my taxes filed by February 15th, so they should actually be filed by March 9th based on an analysis of my previous years of tax return attempts. What say you? Will you join me on the boat of procrastination this year, or will you sail off into the sunset of… uh, taxes being done?

When will you file your Federal tax return this year?

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