Thursday, November 1, 2007

Punny Poll #26: Do You Grocery Shop Online?

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I lost a five-dollar bet on the previous Punny Poll because I thought that the most popular response to the question of “Where do you keep your savings?” would be savings and checking accounts. With over 75% of the responses, the overwhelming majority of you stated that you have no savings. Wow. I guess I need to talk more about saving money here.

Two people claimed that their life savings was invested in liquor. Seek help please, and feel free to stash your “savings” at my place while you do.

Yesterday we looked at the amazing world of online grocery shopping. I’ve already received lots of comments and e-mails from people voicing various opinions. Some thought internet grocers and home delivery died with the dot-com bomb. Others thought it was prohibitively expensive. Many agreed to give it a try. One already placed an order for 800 pounds of strawberries just to freak out the people at Safeway.

So where do you stand on using the ‘webs to feed your face? Are you willing to give it a shot now, or does the thought of turning megabytes into bites you eat still turn you off?

Do you shop for groceries over the internet?

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