Thursday, March 8, 2007

Punny Poll #18: Your Biggest TV Purchase?

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did you spend 3000 dollars on one of me?

In the previous Punny Poll, you were asked if you expected to make more money in 2007 than you did in 2006. A third of you (32%) gave a flat-out no. This means you’ll actually be making less money in 2007 once you adjust for inflation. The same goes for the 22% who said they’d make up to 4% more; that 4% probably won’t cover the rising cost of goods and services. A little over a quarter of voters said they’d make 4-10% more, and I’d say that’s a healthy goal. Almost 20% expect 2007 to bring a jump in income greater than 10%.

I expect to fall in that 10%+ group thanks to a nice raise at work and lots of side income from my hobbies like Punny Money and exotic dancing stamp collecting.

Earlier this week I commented on our nation’s recent obsession with very big TVs that cost Americans $11 billion last year alone. I’m curious as to how much of that $11 billion might have come from Punny Money readers.

What is the largest amount you have ever spent on one TV set?

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