Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Punny Poll #13: Christmas in September

Author: Nick
Category: Money
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I don’t understand how you all manage to get up every morning! According to last week’s Punny Poll, 58% of you do not like your jobs. And if you consider that my readers are likely happier than your typical bunch of folks, then the real percentage of Americans unhappy with their 9-to-5 is probably more like 97%, possibly much higher.

Summer is almost over, and you know what that means: Christmas is right around the corner! Okay, so it’s still nearly four months until the holidays, but that won’t stop advertisers from hammering you with yuletide glee from now until then. Fortunately you’re all smart shoppers and will keep your eyes out for great gift deals whether they come along on January 1st or December 24th. Or are you?

When do you usually start your holiday shopping?

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