Friday, May 12, 2006

Punny Money’s Guide to Groping Your Fruit

Author: Nick
Category: Money

squeeze me please

Tomorrow morning, after I wake up from a nice 12-hour nap, I plan to give our local farmers’ market a try and pick up some nice, yummy fruits and veggies. But before I do that, I better prepare by freshening up on my top-fruit identification skills. Here’s a quick guide covering what to look for in common fruits and vegetables before you buy them.

Fruit What to do What to see/feel
Apples Squeeze firmly. No mushy spots or bruises.
Apricots Look at it. Consistent color throughout.
Asparagus Gently squeeze spears. Firm, green spears.
Broccoli Look at, smell it. No yellow. Sweet smell.
Cantaloupe Shake. Listen for seed rattle (bad). Look for tan skin.
Carrots Look at it. Green tops, solid orange color throughout carrot.
Cherries Squeeze gently. Firm, dark red cherries.
Cucumbers Squeeze gently. Firm, smooth skin.
Green beans Snap them. Crisp, not mushy.
Oranges, lemons, limes Hold in hand. Should feel weighty.
Pears Squeeze on base and tip. Firm base, softer tip.
Plums Squeeze gently. Soft, springy texture. Solid color throughout.
Tomatoes Squeeze gently. Firm, brightly colored throughout.

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