Friday, June 23, 2006

Punny Money’s Grand Coupon Experiment, Part 4

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As promised, here’s another update (albeit a short one) on my Grand Coupon Experiment. I’ve started to use The Coupon Mom‘s technique for coupon clipping which requires collecting each Sunday newspaper’s coupon books and storing them until the optimal sale price comes along. Only then does any actual cutting of coupons take place, and that’s managed to cut the time requirements for the experiment quite drastically. Since the last update, I’ve only spent 5 minutes on coupon-cutting activities, but we’ve saved another $4.29 after newspaper expenses.

Grand Coupon Experiment Net Savings: +$9.58, -55 minutes

So the savings are starting to build up, and once I have a good supply of coupon books, it should become much easier to take advantage of some of the great coupon-sale combinations at my local stores.

And in case you missed it, be sure to check out the recent Punny Poll which surveyed readers’ coupon usage. Also note that now has a full line of grocery items, but you’ll want to read my price comparison and mini-review of Amazon Grocery first before trying it out.

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