Sunday, May 7, 2006

Punny Money’s Grand Coupon Experiment, Part 1

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On Friday, I lamented my coupon-free lifestyle but promised to give those adorable little paper clippings a fair chance. You may recall the challenge I posed for coupons:

If I can turn 30 minutes of my time into a genuine savings of ten dollars on our grocery bill over the next 30 days, I’ll reconsider my stance on coupons.

My Grand Coupon Experiment began today with a trip to the local Safeway. We also needed some milk and fruit, so the trip wasn’t an inconvenience. I was amazed to see that the middle inserts of the Washington Post were covered in a white plastic bag–probably to discourage folks from loading some extra coupon books into their copy of the paper. Including tax, the newspaper set us back $1.58.

Back at home, I had to resist scouring the advertisements for expensive computer equipment I don’t need or videogames that’ll drop in price six months from now. Instead, I extracted the three packets of coupons, grabbed some scissors, and started flipping the pages in search of great deals.

Twenty minutes later, I had about a dozen coupons clipped and ready to use. I was careful to cut out coupons only for products we already use (or could substitute for products we already use) so we don’t end up with items we don’t really need. I’ll go over the list of coupons–and our progress using them–after we make our next trip to the store.

Grand Coupon Experiment Net Savings: -$1.58, -20 minutes

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