Monday, July 3, 2006

Personal Update: Our Money Tree Has Sprouted!

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happy independence day

Happy Independence Week, everyone! It sure seems like everyone where I work decided to make their July 4th celebration a week-long one because I’m about the only dummy working this week. But that’s okay because it gives me a chance to catch up on important tasks like running up and down the halls in my underwear and making prank calls to the security desk from other people’s phones.

Our financial situation is as cheerful as ever; our net worth grew a respectable 4.4% in June. That gain comes despite a nice (i.e. not entirely inexpensive) three-day vacation to Ocean City at the beginning of the month, but not having a car payment anymore helped offset the cost. With no big expenses on the horizon for July, I’m hoping for a 5% gain this month.

Speaking of big expenses, we’ve decided to move our house hunt into high gear before interest rates climb too high. While housing might be cheaper in the next six or twelve months, I think those soaring rates will more than offset any discount we’d see by waiting. I’ll be looking into getting us a mortgage pre-approval in the next couple of weeks, and hopefully we can find a property and make an offer before things get too busy.

And speaking of getting busy, I’ll be doing just that starting in September as I begin an advanced leadership program at work. In addition to lots of assignment rotations over the next three years, I’ll also be working on getting my Master’s degree in either Computer Science or Information Something or Other I Forget the Exact Name But It Was Long and Sounded Cool. Of course, every penny of the program and degree will be paid for by my employer, so the only expense on my part will be in gobs and gobs of time spent studying in addition to working. The next three years should be fun, and by fun I mean groin-grabbingly painful.

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