Thursday, March 2, 2006

Personal Update: I Sold Our Cow For Three Magic Beans…

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…But then I traded those three magic beans to someone even dumber for two cows! Heh, you might say I made a lot of moooooooolah on that deal.

February was an eventful month for the financial holdings of Funny Munny Investment Company Incorporated LLC. We enjoyed our semi-annual vacation at the Katsucon anime convention in D.C., but that resulted in a slight hit to our savings. You’ll note, however, that my net worth figure jumped from $32,288 to $38,660. That $6,000 is thanks almost exclusively to the government being kind enough to return the interest-free loan I gave it last year. Once I tweak my W-4, that little snafu won’t be repeated next year.

Thanks to the savings rate war currently raging between the big internet banks, all of our cash savings are now out of Emigrant Direct‘s measly 4.25% and into HSBC‘s manly 4.80% for the time being. If this keeps up, I expect to be earning interest at a rate of one billion percent annually sometime in 2007.

I also diverted $500 into an account at, a new peer-to-peer loan website where people bid on personal loans. I’m still waiting for the funds to show up in my Prosper account after four days; the money must be traveling by stationary rock. I’ll be sure to post more about my experiences with Prosper… once I have some experiences with Prosper.

Thanks to a reorganized annual performance cycle, our next raises at work will come into effect this week. A lot of my co-workers have been a little dissatisfied with the amount of their pay hikes, but I’m perfectly happy with my 6% jump especially since I just had a 4% hike in October. I expect to be putting in loads of overtime over the next couple of months as we begin our transition to the next-generation version of our product, so that’ll mean some extra dollars in the paycheck. Of course, that also means I’ll be curling up with some light reading this weekend–a 700-page software design document. Riveting and pulse-pounding!

And finally, since I’m a goal-oriented person, I’ve set myself a goal for this month of working more on Funny Munny. That means more frequent updates, more efforts to grow my audience, and more funny stuff shooting out of my head and flying into yours like a big screaming ball of financial hilarity. Here it comes! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH$$$$$$$$$$$!!!

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