Monday, May 1, 2006

Personal Update: April Showers Bring May Radishes

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we have more than this!

It’s been a few weeks since we planted our patio garden, and we’ve had some mild success so far. The first crop–a little pot of radishes–should be ready for harvesting in about a week. All the other plants are slacking off, so no ETA on them as of yet.

Our net worth is up a lovely little 6% for the month despite a couple of larger purchases. Of course, the first was that digital camera ($100 rebate still pending), and the other was a set of tickets to the upcoming PLAY! concert not far from here this August. If you’ve never heard of PLAY!, I’ll just say that it combines two of my favorite kinds of music: video game soundtracks and big loud symphonies. I’ve been told that I haven’t heard the Super Mario Bros. theme until I’ve heard it played by a full orchestra live in concert. We shall see…

While those net worth totals don’t reflect it, I’ve also started playing the 0% balance transfer game that so many of you have raved about over the last few months. My thanks go out to the folks at Discover who will be letting me use their money to earn some extra interest for the next 12 months.

Speaking of credit cards, we’ve now had a month to enjoy our new friends the Chase Rewards Plus MasterCard and Citi mtvU Visa. The former has done wonders to give us 5% back on our grocery purchases, while the latter is saving us the same amount when eating out. Unfortunately for Bank of America, this means their Power Rewards Visa has been pushed out of my wallet. I still regularly use the Citi Shell MasterCard since it gives 1% back on everything (and 5% back on Shell gas) and the rewards accrue and automatically apply to my statement monthly.

Oh, and remember that $390,000 condo in our neighborhood that didn’t sell at a higher price for six months? I predicted it would end up selling for $375,000, but I was absolutely wrong! In fact, it hasn’t sold at all, and a nice “For Rent” sign has replaced the “For Sale” sign! Is that a bubble I hear popping?

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