Sunday, July 30, 2006

Penny Pincher Awards Announced By Washington Post

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pinch me, baby

A few months ago, I mentioned that Michelle Singletary and the Washington Post were conducting a search for the nation’s best penny pinchers. Well, the results of the contest will be announced in this morning’s edition of the Post, but here’s a sneak peak for all you Punny Money late-night readers.

Michelle Schall of Fishers, Ind. … wrote that her father-in-law travels often to his company’s corporate headquarters and stays at the same little inn. For each night’s stay, he gets two tickets he can redeem for free drinks.

Tabitha Plecker of Charlottesville wrote: “Everyone with small children knows how expensive those swimming diapers are… right? … My little ones can wear each diaper several times with washings before tossing it in the trash, as long as there are no major accidents, of course!”

James Ricci of Wallingford, Conn. … was nominated by his wife, Nancy, who says her husband instituted a no-car day. At least one day a week (and sometimes more) he refuses to drive his car.

Tom Hagaman of Denver… was nominated by his wife of two years, Emily, who says her husband cut[s] costs on vacation trips around Colorado by going to time-share presentations. “His money-saving idea has turned into my own private hell,” Hagaman said.

So what do you think? Now I kinda wish I had entered because I probably could’ve come up with something even more spectacular!

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