Monday, August 13, 2007

Moving Towards Minimalism

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really, do you still need that blacksmith anvil you keep around for emergencies?

By Rachel Eagle Reiter

Things wear out. They get old. They get used. In the end, they are no good any more. Why would you want to collect things that you don’t really need–just to have clutter that you can trip on? Clutter clogs up your mind and your creative ability. It’s frustrating and it can even be overwhelming. Give it up! I’m serious. If you don’t need it, then I’m giving you three options:

  • You can toss.
  • You can give.
  • You can sell.

Now, some of you may be wondering, why I didn’t mention storage. Well, my frugal friends, storage is simply the act of moving a thing from one area to a different area. Please explain to me what you have accomplished. Never mind. Please don’t. Storage is not a choice–not for junk, at least. Storage does have its purpose, and we will touch upon what that is in just a bit.

Have you decided what you are going toss? What you are going to give away? What you are going to sell? Once you do, follow through. Don’t let your unwanted items sit around, because if you let a week go by… or longer… you are going to develop attachment issues. Then all of your hard work–sorting, bagging and boxing–will have been in vain. In other words, no backsies. Go with your gut instinct. Ask yourself: Is this really necessary? How much does this item mean to me? Who can I bless with this item? How much can I sell this item for? Will I miss this item once it is gone?

Next, you need to know what the keepers are. Whatever has so much sentimental value that you regard it as priceless is a sure keeper. Whatever is irreplaceable is a keeper. Whatever is a necessity is a keeper. Whatever you have inherited is a keeper. Whatever you are saving for the next generation is a keeper. Once you know what’s for keeps, it’s time to start organizing. You have all of this space that you didn’t have before if you successfully completed the toss, give, sell process.

Be sure to dust this space. Make sure it is clean and ready to be used to store and display what you truly treasure. You should experience a growing feeling of appreciation for what matters most in your life and in your home. By getting rid of dead leaves on a plant, you draw more attention to the blossoms and all that is lovely. Your home is like a plant: the only way to accent its loveliness is to prune your life’s collection of stuff.

So, what are you supposed to store? Simply, whatever remains that is not for tossing, giving, selling, or using. For instance, holiday gifts that you have bought three months ahead of time. And please don’t tell me that you are a last minute shopper. That is a sure way to pay up the creek, get trapped in traffic and stuck in lines, and grow to the realization of how short people’s tempers are when they don’t get what they want when they want it. Not quite your holiday spirit.

Aside, from gifts, you can store out-of-season clothes. You can store household goods that you know you are going to need at some point. You should never have to run out for soap, paper towels, or toothpaste. Hello people! Is there ever going to be a time when you won’t need to wash anymore, brush your teeth, or wipe up a spill? Bottom line is, if you know you are going to need it, and if you wouldn’t want to go more than a day without, then you should always have it in abundance.

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