Monday, August 4, 2008

Gas (Lettering) Shortage Continues, But Relief is in Sight

Author: Nick
Category: Money

comic 47 - falling gas prices

As was first reported on Punny Money (yes, weeks before even the freaking New York Times picked up the story), a shortage is plaguing gas station owners around the country. Fortunately for people with cars, that shortage isn’t of gas or overpriced convenience store food, but of the number “4.”

As you are certainly familiar with by now, the plastic lettering on gas station price signs have been getting a lot of exercise lately—sometimes changing daily in response to imaginary high demand and signs of political flatulence in the Middle East. Due to the sudden run-up in gas prices, however, many refueling stations were woefully unprepared for the urgency with which they would need number “4” letters for their pricing signs. After all, it hasn’t even been a year since we last saw $2.xx gas.

This was all great fuel (hahaha) for a humorous fictional story on gas stations running out of number “4s” before running out of gas. Unfortunately the story has become a sad reality as lettering shortages really are striking gas stations nationwide. Wait, did I say sad? I meant hilarious!

Thankfully, relief is finally on the way for letter-poor service station operators as the President recently issued an executive order authorizing companies to drill for plastic lettering in panda bears and bald eagles.

As I mentioned earlier, the folks at the New York Times finally woke up long enough to report on this story that I first imagined back in April. April. Come on, guys. What’s next? The Iraq War really finished back in 2006, and you’re not gonna get around to reporting it until 2011? Sheesh.

Well, for up-to-the-minute news on everything that freaking matters, stay tuned to Punny Money. But if you want your news three months late and based in reality, then by all means—go read so-called professionally researched “news”papers… or as I like to call them, last-week’s-news-papers.

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