Thursday, August 3, 2006

Eat Free At Advertising-Supported Atlanta Restaurant

Author: Nick
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butter trough, brought to you by punny money

Thanks to Financial Freedumb and the MBN Forums for pointing me to this story about a bread and tea restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia where everybody eats absolutely free. What’s the catch? Your meal at The Butter Trough is 100% supported by advertising you will see and hear during your visit.

This means that while you are enjoying your bread, butter, and tea you will softly hear advertisements playing in the background via the tabletop speakers, multipatron television sets, and the butter trough multimedia displays scattered throughout the establishment.

So as long as you’re not watching your carbs and you don’t mind making the trek to Georgia, you can get your fill of bread, butter, and tea and it won’t cost you a dime. If only I could eat a couple hundred dollars worth of bread to offset the cost of a plane ticket, I’d be there first thing in the morning!

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