Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Domain Registrars Wage War in My Inbox

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registerfly vs enom - the internet battle of the century!!!111

I’ve received countless junk e-mails from unscrupulous domain registrars before seeking to draw me and my .coms and .orgs to their portfolio. But never before have I received any like the following messages that showed up today from eNom and RegisterFly in which each registrar bad-mouths the other and insists I cannot rest until I move my domains to their service.

First we hear from eNom:

Dear Nick:

This is a formal notice to owners of domains which have been registered through eNom via its reseller, RegisterFly.com.


Although you purchased your name at RegisterFly, eNom is the actual registrar of record for your domains. As we are severing our relationship with RegisterFly, we are aware that this may have an impact on you as the domain owner. Therefore we would like to offer this opportunity to assist you in securing control of your domain name directly with eNom.

Over the last year, eNom has become aware of an increasing number of complaints from dissatisfied RegisterFly customers.

As an eNom reseller, RegisterFly is contractually bound to adhere to certain standards of customer service in a speedy and diligent manner. Therefore, effective immediately, we have terminated RegisterFly as a reseller of domain names through eNom.

Our records indicate that you are the registrant contact for 1 domains.


Create a free account at eNom using the link below. Your domain names will automatically be moved to the eNom control panel where you will immediately have the ability to manage your domain(s). In addition, these domains will receive a discounted renewal rate.


There is no charge for this service, as eNom is already the registrar of record for your domains. Please reference our list of frequently asked questions page http://www.enom.com/migrate/faq.asp for additional information. We look forward to helping you feel more secure about your domain management.

eNom, Inc.
former registrar for RegisterFly.com

P.S.: IMPORTANT! If no action is taken, you may no longer be able to renew your domain name or manage it in 30 days. The domain name will remain registered in your name at eNom until it expires. Please take action immediately. Thank you.

Oh man, I’m scared! What should I do? Well, let’s see what RegisterFly had to say in its own defense.

Discontinuation of using reseller services with enom.com

We are aware that enom may have sent a notice in regards to the relationship between enom/registerfly.

As of February 2006 RegisterFly.com become an ICANN Accredited registrar. We formerly used to resell domain services under enom.com but stopped accepting registrations for them on February of 2006 (1 year ago). Since we are ICANN Accredited we have no need to process new registrations/transfers under enom anymore and spent the past year moving large numbers of names away from enom.com to RegisterFly.com. The amount of names remaining at enom.com is relatively small. Any registrations/transfers after February 1st 2006 are directly under RegisterFly.com, inc. which would not be affected by this.

Our top priority is ensuring our customers are not impacted in anyway during this transition. If you are a registerFly.com customer, rest assured we value your business and strive to offer the lowest possible pricing with the best online tools. For a limited time you can renew/transfer your name away from enom.com for only $5.99 per domain name. One year will be added upon completion of the transfer. If you decide to stay with enom as the registrar you will pay considerably higher to renew than the special $5.99 rate we are offering. You can contact our customer care center at 305-674-0165 (8AM to 9PM) or via email at customercare@registerfly.com on specifics on how to move your domain name(s) over and take advantage of these special savings today.

If you call within the next 48 hours and take advantage of this offer you will be eligible to receive an additional $7.99 account credit towards next years renewal.

Wowie zowie, what an offer! Too bad I just moved my last domain to GoDaddy. Maybe eNom and RegisterFly should’ve spent a few million on a sexy Super Bowl commercial instead of flinging e-mud at each other.

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