Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Cough Syrup Doesn’t Work? Time to Switch Back to Booze!

Author: Nick
Category: Money

I’m getting over some sort of cold as I type, so the timeliness of this article is … timely.

Looks like I won’t be picking up that truckload of cough syrup after all. Thanks to BloggingBaby for letting us know that over-the-counter cough syrup is a sham. I probably should’ve figured this out on my own … and so should all of you! For shame!

Okay, so we had no real way of knowing, though you have to wonder what sort of studies the cough syrup makers conducted that led them to believe their products worked. Does this mean we’ll see a bunch of false advertising lawsuits filed against the manufacturer of Robitussin? Probably (Nick’s Rule of Starting a Business #1: If you build it, they will sue you.), but our over-medicated society won’t let these remedies disappear from drugstore shelves. I doubt even a big label reading “WARNING: THIS DOES NOT WORK” attached to cough syrup would discourage people from buying it.

Now if you’re open to alternative medicines, I highly recommend chocolate to help relieve coughs, increase sexual appetite, and spark world peace.

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