Thursday, May 4, 2006

Cingular Changing Name to Can-With-String

Author: Nick
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goodbye, cingular!

Even thought it cost AT&T about $68 trillion to integrate its wireless phone brand with its Cingular acquisition, AT&T announced this week that it’s pushing a big Undo button and changing its wireless brand’s name back once again to AT&T Wireless.

Some critics are saying it’s a bad move for the grandfather of telecommunications to slap its “dated” moniker on its wireless brand. Assuming the reliability and services remain the same, AT&T can call its wireless service whatever it likes for all I care. I’m just hoping they don’t get rid of that sexy lady voice I get when I pay my Cingular bill by phone.

“Thank you for paying me, Nick. I can’t wait until next month’s bill so I can talk to you again, big boy.”

Don’t worry, Cingy! I’ll never forget you!

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