Friday, May 12, 2006

Being Adventurous With My Finances

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too adventurous

One of Boston Gal Jane Dough’s loyal fans sent her a mind-bending question that I’ve just got to answer for myself. But first, the question…

Sum up your personal finance philosophy in one word.

(Yeah, it’s not a question as much as it is a command. But I shall obey nonetheless!)

Jane Dough chose the word “defensive,” and she gave a great explanation of just what it means to be defensive in one’s financial life. By not only keeping an eye on her own economic situation but also learning from the mistakes of those around her, Jane Dough has crafted her decisions to help ensure she has a safe and secure financial future.

My turn to answer the question. Without hesitation, I would choose the word “adventurous” to define my personal finance outlook. I’m ready to learn new things, explore uncharted territory, and take calculated risks with the goal of expanding my understanding of and experience with my finances. At the same time, “adventurous” does not imply “reckless,” so there is still an element of caution thrown in that helps me to know when I’m in a situation over my head and I need to ask for help or try another option.

I hope you’re all enjoying the Blog Marathon so far. It’s just my latest personal finance adventure, and I know I’ve learned a lot over the last 20 hours. Here I come down the home stretch!

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