Friday, May 12, 2006

Ask Punny Money: Free Internet Radio?

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Real People, Real Finances poses a question I already had on my topic list, so I’ll bump it up to now since it’s something very relevant to this Blog Marathon.

Looking for a list of free Internet music stations (to help you stay awake as well) preferably no commercials. Know of any good ones?

Why yes I do! And while there are plenty of internet radio stations out there to choose from, I’ve only ever found it necessary to go with two of them:

Pandora. I’ve been a huge fan of since day one because it helped me to identify new artists and types of music I had never even heard of before. The way the site works is that you create personalized stations based on artists or songs you enjoy, and Pandora fills the station with music containing similar vocal and instrumental qualities. It goes far beyond simply returning other songs from your favorite genres; it instead analyzes the components of each song or artist and matches it to other songs containing those components in its vast database. You may find yourself listening to artists you didn’t think you’d like, but you can skip songs and provide automated feedback to help improve the results returned to you. Pandora’s gotten me through some long days at work.

SHOUTcast. If you’re looking for a more traditional radio experience, then you’ll want to point your browser at SHOUTcast. From the makers of the popular Winamp music software, SHOUTcast allows normal mortals like you and me to start our own internet radio stations to share with the rest of the world. If you’re only looking to listen, don’t worry because you’ll have thousands of stations to choose from; but if you’re ready to share your own tunes, it’s easy to set up your own server for others to hear.

And if your eyes have a spare moment, you can also check out some free internet TV:

wwiTV. With over 3,000 stations in more than 100 countries, wwiTV carries a wide variety of educational, entertainment, and news programming. Some of the stations require the latest versions of your operating system’s media player, but once you have the system requirements fulfilled, you can turn your computer into a TV that’ll put your friend’s 300-channel cable to shame.

Indeed, I will be using music to help me get through the Blog Marathon; but since I’m at home, I’ll probably be relying on my library of anime and J-pop music to fill the room with sound. Sure I don’t understand what they’re saying since it’s in Japanese, but it still makes more sense than some of the music they’re coming out with nowadays.

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