Saturday, July 29, 2006

And the Winner of the Super Stock Pick Tournament Is…

Author: Nick
Category: Money

and the super stock pick tournament winner is... meeeeee

ME! How much do I rock? Totally much!

In case you’re new here, I’ve been running a little bit of a fake tournament made up of teams of five stock picks as an experiment in investing. Some team rosters were selected intelligently, others randomly. We’ve gone from 32 teams five weeks ago to just two this week. The two remaining teams were Nick’s Picks, a group of five stocks selected semi-intelligently by yours truly, and Internet Slang, a sorta-random group of stocks chosen solely because their ticker symbols were internet slang terms like LOL or BRB.

And even though Internet Slang has been kicking butt the last few weeks and rose 8.5%, they were no match for Nick’s Picks this week which finished up 22.69%.

I’ll post a more detailed analysis of the tournament next week, but here’s how the final brackets look for those who are interested…

honest, i did not fix this

Oh, and stay tuned to Punny Money in coming weeks for another round of the Super Stock Pick Tournament where you’ll have your own chance to go up against other teams for the tournament crown… and prizes!

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