Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Added Expenses of Keeping Baby’s Gender A Mystery

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have you SEEN the price of building blocks recently

If you’re one of those parents who wants the sex of your baby-to-be to remain a surprise until the delivery, you could be passing up a chance to save a ton of money. I was reminded of this fact today by a note in this article on the best time to buy everything at SmartMoney.com.

We don’t have any children of our own yet, but I’ve known a lot of new parents who didn’t want to know their child’s gender until he or she was born. I’ve never quite understood the desire to keep a baby’s gender unknown during pregnancy, and the usual response I get when inquiring as to the parent’s motivation is “we’d like to be surprised.” Well, I counter, won’t you still be surprised if you found out today instead of six or seven months from now?

So if you’re thinking of staying in the dark about whether your baby has a hee-hee or a hoo-hoo, think about some of the added expenses you’ll encounter. For example, if I told you right now that you’re having a girl in six months, then you’d have six months to shop for the best deals on baby girl clothes, baby girl room furnishings, and baby girl toys. If you wait to find out until baby pops out of mommy, you’ll either be rushing to match clothes and decor to the sex of the child, or you’ll have to go with gender neutral items ahead of time.

The SmartMoney.com article will tell you that the best time to shop for newborn clothes is during the pregnancy. For a May birth, you can stock up on summer fashions the previous October during end-of-season clearances. And you’ll have plenty of time to look for the best price on blue or pink paint as well as other gender-specific items for the nursery.

Oh, and save the receipts just in case your doctor confuses an arm for a… yeah.

Update 09/13/2006: Amberlynn makes a good point about one expense I forgot to take into consideration along with one idea why parents might opt not to discover the baby’s gender…

…Long-term effects of ultrasound are not known, so we didn’t want to chance it if we didn’t have to. Plus, the cost of the ultrasound is much higher than any little pink dress.

And Sean gives me another good reason why some parents may choose to stay in the dark…

First off, I think you’re really discounting the surprise on the day of their birth aspect. There’s just something about having yet another surprise on a crazy day that finding out months before just won’t give you. And you get to realize that, in the end, as long as they’re healthy, the color you picked for their clothes are truly a moot point.

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