Sunday, April 9, 2006

A Good Economy Can Be Bad For Your Health

Author: Nick
Category: Money
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Arguably another submission for the “duh” category, Wizbang! pointed me to a news piece revealing the awful truth about a strong economy–it can be bad for your health.

The risk of a fatal heart attack rises when the U.S. economy strengthens and increases further if macroeconomic conditions remain robust over the next several years…

The article lists some of the reasons why good times for the national pocketbook mean bad times for the national health outlook: we work more and exercise less, we work more and smoke more, we work more and eat out more, and we work more and more and more.

I find myself working a bit more now than I did a year ago, but that would have happened regardless of the full economic picture because of the current stage of my program at work. Still, even with tons of money flowing into our bank accounts, it’s important to take the time to relax, be with your family, exercise (note to self: take own advice), and enjoy the life you’ve been given that makes it worth all that hard work.

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